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lame(1) - Linux man page


Codecs: Het weergeven van audio en video op een pc vraagt om zogenaamde codecs. Wat zijn codecs, welke hebt u nodig en waar vindt u ze? Informatie van Microsoft.

FFmpeg Documentation

HOWTO Rip Streams With MPlayer

MPlayer - The Movie Player : MPlayer homepage

The MPlayer-users Archives : Mplayer gebruikerslijst

Projects related to MPlayer : Mplayer speelt een belangrijke rol..

Simple DirectMedia Layer: A cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device.


DVD omzetten naar Xvid - NedDocWiki

HOWTO DVD to Matroska - Gentoo Linux Wiki

HOWTO Mencoder Introduction Guide - Gentoo Linux Wiki

Mencoder DVD to MPEG-4 - RTFMwiki

MEncoder Tips and Tricks

MEncoder-users Archives

Mencoder-users Details -

MPlayer - The Movie Player. Chapter 14. Encoding with MEncoder

MPlayer - The Movie Player : de index van de officiële Mplayer en Mencoder documentatie.

SimpleRip: Ripping/Encoding DVDs to XviD with Mencoder :: :: CLI Magic: Video conversion with mencoder

Artikelen - Dolby Digital AC3

Aspect ratio (image) - Wikipedia

Backups maken van DVD's


FAQ MediaPlayerConnectivity

MediaPlayerConnectivity :: Firefox Add-ons - TV kijken via Internet

The world biggest collection of Radio and Television stations live on your PC. Also lots of webcams, chemtrails, vacation images in Monaco and individual Disk Jockeys. : een site die het meestal wel doet.


Customer Support - RealAudio and RealVideo Test Clips


Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - 's Werelds grootste BitTorrent tracker

DVD Copy Control Association

DVD Region Codes - What You Need To Know

DVD speler regio vrij maken

Jim Taylor's Official DVD FAQ

The Content Scrambling System : een gedegen analyse van Eddie Edwards .

Unix ports for OS/2 and eComStation - DVDAuthor 0.6.14


|MEncoder Tips and Tricks - Gentoo Linux Wiki

Chapter 14. Encoding with MEncoder

DVD omzetten naar Xvid - NedDocWiki

HOWTO Mencoder Introduction Guide - Gentoo Linux Wiki

Linux Reviews > Manual Pages (man)

Mencoder DVD to MPEG-4 - RTFMwiki

Mplayer manual online


Video on Linux » ffmpeg

FFmpeg FAQ

FFmpeg (homepage)

The ffmpeg-user Archives

FFmpeg Howto

ffmpeg audio/video manipulation

OS/2 specifiek

CD/DVD ReWriters, RSJ and how to avoid RSJ "capturing" your writer at bootup

CD-writing with OS/2 van Chris Wohlgemuth.


DVD writing with files greater than 2 GB

Emperoar TV werkt onder OS/2 met Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150, 250 or 350 videokaarten.

OS/2 e-Zine! - CD-Burning for the Masses

OS/2 e-Zine! - The State of DVD on OS/2

OS/2 Site - MultiMedia - CDR - CDRecord

OS/2 Site - MultiMedia - Video : mediaspelers en encoders voor OS/2 en eCS.

OS2 World.Com - Audio/Data-CD-Creator Review

The MPlayer-os2 Archives

ToBo's Homepage

Unix ports for OS/2 and eComStation Mencoder SVN build

Unix ports for OS/2 and eComStation - Mencoder SVN build

Video Capturing and DVD Recording under OS/2

Video-DVDs and eCS / MCP

Hauppauge Computer Works Benelux: WinTV-PVR-350


Introduction to Universal Disk Format (UDF) by Wenguang Wang

Universal Disk Format: Native OS Support- Wikepedia


Advanced Systems Format - Wikipepdia

Windows Media Video - Wikipedia

Nuttige achtergrondinformatie

Content Scramble System - Wikepedia

Digital rights management - Wikepedia

libavcodec - Wikepedia

List of device bandwidths - Wikepedia

Main Page - MultimediaWiki - Wikepedia

Megabit per second - Wikepedia

PAL, NTSC and SECAM Comparisons

PAL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Streaming media - Wikepedia

Universal Disk Format - Wikepedia


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